Are You Terrified of the Dark


Imperial Milk Stout.

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Are You Terrified of the Dark.

A floorboard creaks. A rusty hinge whines. A shutter claps against a window pane. We must ask you a simple question: are you terrified of the dark? While we may be unable to make sense of what lies just beyond the veil, we still thirst to know where mysteries are born. In your hand you hold a new release, a release whose fiendishly flavorful profile has us asking: what is its origin? Were souls bartered? What deals were made at the well-trodden crossroads in the dead of night? Whatever the machinations that that gave rise to this sinisterly delicious, cookies and cream-drenched stout. It remains a perfect companion to warm you during even the most moonless autumn nights.

Are You Terrified of the Dark.

Contains lactose. Contains peanuts.

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