DDH Pines


Triple India Pale Ale.

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DDH Pines. Once you’ve completed the original Augment trio, where do you go next? To the brewer’s favourite of course! A beer that was birthed from a collaborative effort with our pals at North Brewing Co last year, and an in house favourite amongst the brewers and office alike, we’ve amplified this beer to the nines for our final TIPA of the year. Going with a 10min whirlpool addition of Mosaic at 80 degrees, we opted for slightly more bitterness in this beer to counteract the sweetness from the residual sugar on the mash. Backed up with our biggest employment of our “pyramid” technique yet, with 25kg of Mosaic, followed up with smaller 15kg and 10kg additions of Galaxy and Simcoe respectively, the motto here at Polly’s is to never stop improving, and with DDH Pines, we’ve jumped a level once again.

Vegan friendly.

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