Et Ultra


Scottish Pale Ale fermented in oak barrels.

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Et Ultra. A 9.1% Tettnang pale ale. This special beer is the stronger, richer partner of Ad Infinitum. As with all our beers, it’s open fermented with our house Saccharomyces culture before a longer, slower fermentation in oak with house Brettanomyces and dry hops. Billowing foam sits on a beer of Orval orange. The aroma offers hugely complex fermentation character: ripe apricot, persimmons, quince jelly, pears stewed in muscat and subtly perfumed Brettanomyces character. The palate has the full bodied but dry elegance of a good Belgian Tripel but with a rich, expansive bitterness in the finish. I can confirm this is absolutely the very thing for a cheese board.

Et Ultra.


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