ETA Dunkles


Dunkel Lager.

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ETA Dunkles. Beer sensory characteristics: This delicately rich, dark mahogany-hued “Marzenbier” (March beer), with its firm, cream-colored head, will irresistibly capture all of your senses. The nostrils are elated by the subtle fragrance of slow roasted coffee. The taste is robust, crisp, pleasantly malty, and mildly sweet. This malt beer finishes full-bodied, almost velvety, with a light bitterness that echoes on the palate; giving beer lovers just one more reason to get excited about sliding into the warmer seasons. Mahrs Brau E.T.A pairing recommendation: with cold cut platters, Eisbein/Haxen, hearty dishes with dark meat.

ETA Dunkles.

Vegan friendly.

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