Fated Farmer Red Currant


Barrel Fermented Wild Ale.

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Fated Farmer Red Currant. Fated Farmer Series is a landmark step toward realizing our foundational vision for Trillium: Build a place that intuitively celebrates the intersection of New England farming, agriculture, brewing and an integrated community experience. The grist of each of the dynamic Fated Farmer wild ales is set on the structure of Valley Malt and is barrel fermented in 500L puncheons with our Native New England Wild Culture and aged for 5-7 months, before re-fermenting on freshly harvested fruit.

Fated Farmer: Red Currant (sourced from Wards Berry Farm in Sharon, MA) presents a warm, orange-pink hue, with a leaping nose of rose of pinot noir, and hints of strawberry and fermentation derived overripe stonefruit. The palate leads with tart wild berry flavor and mellows into a subtle sweetness, slight tannic structure and snappy, pleasing finish.

Vegan friendly.

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