Fleeting Moment


Imperial Milk Stout.

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Fleeting Moment is an imperial milk stout brewed with coffee, chocolate, maple syrup, Ceylon cinnamon, and Vietnamese cinnamon. It is carefully concocted to emulate the flavor of a big pile of freshly made French toast drizzled in maple syrup. We utilize all natural ingredients during every phase of the brewing process to create a thick, decadent beer that tastes of dark amber maple syrup, freshly ground cinnamon, coffee, and swiss dark chocolate. This is a breakfast beer through and through and one that is best savored in a snifter over a hearty Sunday morning meal. Fleeting Moment allows us to reflect upon the seemingly ordinary moments in life that come and go in a flash, and may often be taken for granted — like the simplicity of breakfast with friends or family. Enjoy!

Contains lactose.

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