Helles lager.

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Our Helles Lager is an homage to the German style of light beer. The word Helles comes from the German for light (light bodied). Lager is the German for store. Lagering refers back to the day when beer was stored in Germany. The Helles we are brewing is light in flavour, it is not heavy on the hops as a Pilsner style lager would be and so is an extremely easy drinking beer. With the style in mind we have brewed the beer to keep it at a very sessionable strength.
We brew our Helles with English lager malt and only need a single step infusion mash because it is simply the best. Our hops are Continental European. The yeast is bottom fermenting and we ferment for many days longer and at cooler temperatures than our ales.
Once fermentation is complete we store and mature the beer for 28 days at two degrees Celsius. Our beer is not pasteurised to avoid damaging the flavour with hight temperatures. We gently filter the beer to remove any yeast and that produces a brilliantly clear and bright lager.

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