Jjjuiceee Project Citra + Citra + Citra


Double IPA.

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Jjjuiceee Project Citra + Citra + Citra.

This special rendition of JJJuiceee Project features Citra + Citra + Citra. I know, it’s crazy, isn’t it? Featuring our favorite American hop in the kettle and dry hop, this rendition of the JJJuiceee also adds a layer of juicy complexity thanks to a concentrated liquid hop product called Spectrum. 

We have a close relationship with our American growers, which has enabled us to maintain a steady stream of amazing Citra throughout the years, and this beer represents the ultimate showcase of this legendary lupulin bomb.

Pouring a ridiculous turbid yellow color into your glass, Citra + Citra + Citra carries an aromatic eruption of fleshy orange juice, passion fruit, and mouthwatering mango.

Canned 5/4/24


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