Matt’s Bike 2020


Sparkling Medium Dry Fine Cider.

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Matt’s Bike 2020. This batch of keeved cider was spotted by maker Martin as being something different, way back in the winter of 2020. With complex fruit & a delicate balance, it stood out as being worth particular attention, something special on its own. It was first left to ferment with a succession of wild yeasts in a tank for six months, then transferred to delicately smoked second-use whisky barrels for the same amount of time.

Confident rounded tannins, soft delicate fruity sweetness & mature acidity on the finish. A briny sea blast through the smouldering embers of an orchard peat fire! Fermented with wild yeasts & aged in peat-smoked Islay whisky wooden barrel.

Matt’s Bike 2020.

Vegan friendly. Gluten free.

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