Patrons Project 17.04 INSA // Wants & Needs


DDH Pale Ale. Collab with Barrier Brewing.

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Patrons Project 17.04 INSA // Wants & Needs. Their brand manager Bobby is crazy for anything hopped with Mosaic and Columbus, and who were we to argue with this classic combination? We utilised this pairing in the substantial dry hop to bring a huge dank fruity character, intensified by the extra powerful flavour and aroma contribution of Columbus BBC pellets.

We used a large percentage of oats in the grist to provide a soft, full mouthfeel and accentuated this by fermenting with WLP066 London Fog yeast. The result is a smooth and sessionable pale ale, with no compromise on hop character.

Patrons Project 17.04 INSA // Wants & Needs.

Vegan friendly.

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