Petit Boulba


Hoppy Light Ale.

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Petit Boulba.

The story behind the name is amusing: Brewing in our very first brewery in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw was entirely manual and really exhausting. For lunch, we dreamed of a light and flavourful table beer to quench our thirst… One day, Bernard had the idea to mix a Taras Boulba with an equal amount of sparkling water to make a “small beer”. A super refreshing beer that wouldn’t prevent us from getting back to work in full shape! And we decided to call it the “Petit Boulba”…

We reused the name as a reminder of the early days, but of course we made the beer according to a specific recipe. Petit Boulba is a blond beer with only 2.8% alcohol, with a blonde and cloudy appearance due to the use of wheat and oats. Its aroma is very floral, with notes of fresh cereals. On the palate, these aromas develop further and blend with notes of white fruits and fine herbal touches. Petit Boulba is slightly bitter and has a very dry and super refreshing finish. As spring has been waiting so long to arrive, I guess we’ll just skip it entirely and go straight into summer!


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