Radius Project


Terroir project featuring Harbour, Yonder, Lindheim, Little Earth Project, Land & Labour, Left Handed Giant, Six Degrees North, Burning Sky, Exale and Fyne Ales.

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Radius Project is a collaboration between 10 breweries exploring the impact of terroir within beer. Each of the 10 beers created will be unique and reflect the essence of the area they are from – utilising one or more of the ingredients from within a 20 mile ‘Radius’ of the brewery. Whether this is through wild herbs, spontaneous fermentation or wild fruits the world (well just a 20 mile Radius) is their oyster.

Beers in the set:

Harbour Foudre 2 Rhubarb Edition 330ml

Yonder As The Crow Flies Damson Saison 375ml

Lindheim Coolship Cherry 375ml

Little Earth Project Gooseberry & Pineapple Weed Sour 330ml

Land & Labour Lunarberry 375ml

Fyne Ales Origins Vigesimal 375ml

Exale Tottenham Coolship 330ml

Burning Sky Elderberry Saison 330ml

Six Degrees North Origin Heather Honey Saison 375ml

Left Handed Giant Drifting Of Bees Sour Honey Ale 440ml

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