SUPERCRUISE: Temp | Cab Franc


Sour Golden Ale refermented with grapes.

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SUPERCRUISE: Temp | Cab Franc. SUPERCRUISE starts with wine grapes from locally-sourced, family-owned vineyards in Palisade, CO. Once the grapes have been destemmed and crushed, we allow the juice to rest for a few days – developing rich color and depth of flavor – before finally transferring the juice to neutral oak barrels along with our base Golden Sour. The beer then goes through a secondary fermentation while resting on the grapes, and after a few weeks is ready to bottle. Fruited at about half of what we do for Mach-Limit, the stone fruit character from the base beer is backed by bright fruit and soft tannins, yet the beer still shines through. This beer should age well with proper cellaring, however, the grape character may diminish over time.

SUPERCRUISE: Temp | Cab Franc.

Vegan Friendly.

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