The Garden

The Croatian capital of Zagreb is the new home of The Garden Brewery, and their interpretation of the craft beer experience.
The visionary team behind the now-legendary Garden Festival, Garden Resort Tisno, Barbarella’s Discotheque and The Garden Lounge, have been working behind the scenes on their next venture. Blending ten-years of event experience with their knowledge of the industry, they’ve constructed a new brewery, with a distinctive Garden twist.
Combining progressive beers, delicious street food, brewery tours and tastings alongside special events, it’s a unique contribution to Croatia’s emerging craft beer scene.

Rooted in the industrial east part of Zagreb, at Slavonska avenija 22F, Žitnjak, We aim to breath some life back into this once-staid backwater, with large-scale investment, employment of Croatian staff and a year round-operation. And, it’s the only brewery in the world with gigantic 6ft glitter ball.

Ten years of Adriatic experience are distilled into a range of new beers – served just as you like it: chilled, relaxed and tasty. There’s the juicy Adriatic Pale Ale bursting with sunny flavours, the gorgeously light and laid-back Session Ale with floral overtones, as well as the Styrian Stout, a creamy beer seasoned with coffee, dark chocolate and bourbon back notes; and the Kettle Sour, full of rustic, fruity flavours, it evokes crisp, tarty fruit and scenes of a vineyard farmhouse. Naturally, all beers are made from organic ingredients.

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