Pivovar Hostomice

Pivovar Hostomice. Beer was brewed in Hostomice in the fifteenth century, so the year of its foundation in 1407, and the current brewery building was built after a massive fire that ravaged Hostomice in 1857. The brewery prospered locally until the war days of 1942, when it was due to lack of raw materials , the operation was terminated and after the war it could not be resumed. For years, it served the local collective farm as a tractor repair shop, as a source of material for the local people, and so the refrigerator buildings disappeared, the chimney and lager cellars were dismantled and backfilled. However, the main building of the brewery with a brewery, cellar, malthouse and forest survived. This business, although always small, was able to educate many brewing personalities who established themselves in other, larger, big-name businesses. I firmly believe that I will be able to continue this brewing history and the Hostomice pod Brdy Brewery will become the city center, where every visitor to the Brdy hills likes to visit, and especially where locals come to enjoy the frothy juice scented with local history and tradition.

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