7th Church Of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower


Dark Cream Ale.

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The Cream Ale, or classic U.S. Lawnmower Beer is a crisp, dry, sessionable drink with a little malt sweetness. But where we’re going, we don’t need sessionable! So whether you are strapping the machine over your shoulder and mowing down zombies with Timothy, kneeling at the altar of the 7th Church with Lawnmower Deth, or simply cutting the grass, we hope you will join us and our friends at Anspach & Hobday in enjoying our take on the style.__Enter the Church, See the beer, Hear the lawnmower, on all our breaths. A very easy drinking, slightly sweet, fruity yet clean and dry beer that is inspired by A&H’s cream ale, but with a twist. We upped the ABV and of course the hops for balance, and added a little dark malt to play with Sorachi Ace.

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