The heart of Brewery Bhavana is our private production brewery a few blocks down the road on Bloodworth Street. There, within a community of artists called Anchorlight, Brent and I make our 10 core beers and an ever-expanding variety of provisional offerings to fill our 40 taps. This brewery includes an expanding cooperage of wine barrels, puncheons, and foeders, from which we blend our slow-fermented, wood-aged beers.

Our beers are inspired and cultivated through years of travel, education, and personal experience. Each one reminds me of a moment, a person, a sensation, or a place I have loved. I hope that they will remind you of something you love too.

There are beers for simply drinking, beers for contemplation, beers for remembering, and beers for here and now.

We are honored and excited to share them with you.

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