Quinta Do Ermizio

Quinta Do Ermizio is 8 km from the historic center of Guimarães, a city well known for its monuments and excellent hotel facilities.

The farm has deep roots in the history of Portugal. It is likely that the origin of the name is given to a court butler of El-Rei D. Afonso Henriques – Dominus Ermigius – marked in a 12th century manuscript.

Of a luxuriant beauty, it extends from the valley of The Bird to Bouça do Saraiva, forming an amphitheater exposed to the south and spring.

The 15 hectares of vineyards are scattered over several plots, whose differences in soil type and exposure give rise to a mosaic of ecological niches. The soils, derived from granites, are medium to coarse texture and well drained.

Casa Velha do Sobrado, former farm seat, is a beautiful architectural example of the minhota country house, with the living area on the upper floor, the balcony run and the shop and cellar on the lower floor. It worked here for many years the Corral of the County.

The granar keeps the memory of when corn was still growing on the Farm. The ears were dried on the threster, then shirtless to the sound of traditional singing and finally stored in the ear, a dry and airy place, to keep up until the following year.

The winery was built in 1984 and has the appropriate equipment to vinify the grapes with high rigor, but with minimal intervention, in order to highlight the characteristics of the grapes. Haccp certified.

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