Kloster Weissenoher

Kloster Weissenoher. From a Benedictine cloister to a cloister brewery – that was just a small step to take for the friars of Weißenohe at the end of the 11th century. After all, brewing beer was a regular feature of monasterial life, and the well-liked „liquid bread“ that was called Gerstensaft (barley juice) in German was a staple food of the population, not only during fasting periods. So we can safely assume that beer brewing started in Weißenohe at the time when the Benedictine monastery was founded, around 1050 AC. This makes our cloister brewery one of the oldest in Germany. In numerous publications, it is also listed as the oldest brewery in Franconia. Buy Kloster Weissenoher beer online.

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