Renegade Urban Winery

Renegade Urban Winery.

An urban winery may seem like a mad idea but bare with us a minute.

London has been a centre of innovation, craft, production and quality food and drinks for a long time. Historically, wine had to be made near the vineyard because the lack of refrigerated transport meant the grapes wouldn’t travel well. All this has changed. Bringing fresh grapes from Bordeaux at 2 degrees C doesn’t harm them one bit. Many would actually argue this chilled transport can improve them (we’ll tell you more about this if you’re interested!).

There is also a very big difference between a vineyard and a winery. A vineyard grows grapes and a winery makes wine. These are very different skills. Interlinked for sure, but very very different. If you are a brilliant farmer and rear world leading cattle, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can make a world leading beef wellington. The benefit of an urban winery that works with small vineyards is that we can cherry pick the best fruit, grown by the best people. 

Renegade Urban Winery.

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