Steel City

Steel City, Sheffield’s slightly nomadic craft brewers…

Steel City Brewing is a brewing company with a very new world outlook on life! Rather than buying our own brewery – with all the associated cost and hassle that entails – we have decided, initially at least, to become what’s known in Europe as a “Cuckoo” brewery… We started off doing our first brews at The Brew Company, before capacity issues saw us move to Little Ale Cart, where we spent three years proving even the most Heath-Robinson brew kit can be used to make good beer! Again we have outgrown the kit and so are now brewing at Toolmakers brewery.

Basically we are both huge fans of hops and there just weren’t enough brewers in the UK using them when we started, and even now while there are some top hophead brewers around there still aren’t enoguh to keep up with our demands for hoppy beer. So, rather than moaning into our beer, we thought we’d do something about it and brew some of our own!

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