UnBarred Brewery started in a tiny kitchen in a flat in Hove. We now do this full-time, brewing with care to help make the world (and beer) a little better.

We are beyond excited that from August 2019 we’ve moved from cuckoo brewing to our permanent home in the heart of Brighton… not just our own brewery but a taproom too.

It’s been a long organic journey from our flat in Hove to brewing for some international breweries and now planting our flag on home turf. Expressing creation and passion, this means we are “No rules brewing from the heart of Brighton”. We have a bigger team and a home to call our own. We will grow with our new family, and share the same views and passion for beer, ’flavour without compromise’.

There are breweries across the UK who focus on offering accessible session beers. We’re here to offer something else. Flavour without compromise, challenging convention with compassion, care and zero ego.

Our beers begin with the concept. For example our Cold Pressed Summer Stout originated when we were introduced to “Gold Coffee Mountain” in Nicaragua. Their incredible project cuts out the middle-ma, putting all resources back into the communities that produce the coffee beans. They wanted to do something with the coffee cherries, and we created a base for a white stout, building up the flavours of a stout without the usual colour, using a mixture of cocoa nibs, smoked malts, flaked barley and oats. We made a tea with the Pacamara coffee cherries, steeped vanilla pods and cold pressed their coffee beans. The end result is a pale, stout-esque style beer. It doesn’t sit in any category, we made something new and special that has with a great story and a real message. We promise to keep challenging preconceptions and pushing boundaries… we are always looking to innovate and make delicious new beers that won’t be found in the rule-book.

We care about giving proper respect and attention to all stages of the craft; from the creation and ingredient-sourcing, to the bespoke brew and finally to our relationships with suppliers and consumers. From ancient, artisanal Belgian ales through to the newest and freshest West Coast IPAs, at UnBarred you will find astonishing new hybrid beer styles that are inspired by the best brews in the world.

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