Barrel-aged Golden Sour with Opal Plums and Herbs.

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Heimwee. Barrel-aged Golden Sour with Opal Plums and Herbs.
Collaboration with Brauerei Kemker (DE).

Heimwee is an homage to pre-industrial times when beers were herbal and wild, brewed with ingredients that were foraged near the breweries. It is also an homage to our friend Jan Kemker of Brauerei Kemker from Germany. Our shared passion for traditional beer styles and brewing techniques has forged a close friendship that sparked this beer.

Heimwee is a complex amalgam of two very different beers; one a golden sour with spelt flakes, lavender and hops from Jans own garden, and the other a barrel-aged version of our gruit ale Weder with foraged myrica gale, mugwort and yarrow. To this colourful kaleidoscope of flavours we added 60kg of aromatic Opal plums. The result is a rich, herbal and fruity beer that is quite unlike anything you’ve tasted before, with soft, elegant notes layered on subtle, round acids. Its full frame from the spelt flakes is carefully balanced with its light, wine-like structure. The first plunge into Heimwee will inevitably leave you longing for more.

Vegan friendly.

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