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Kwak is a full-bodied Belgian Specialty Ale. Amber in color with beautiful foam and slightly sweet, seductive malt character. Rich, satisfying Belgian experience. Brewed by Bosteels Brewery in the Flanders village of Buggenhout, Kwak is almost as famous for it’s iconic glassware as the classic beer itself. Always served in it’s round-bottomed and hour-glass shaped, it resembles a stirrup cup or ‘yard of ale’, held upright in a wooden stand. Kwak is recognisable by its deep bright amber colour and a dense, creamy coloured head, as well as distinctive glass and wooden glass holder. A malty aroma and a slightly spicy character (think coriander and hops), very mellow with a fruity attack and a slightly spicy character; hints of liquorice passing into a warm finish that reminds you of caramelised banana.

Vegan friendly.

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