Patrons Project 7.06 Esben Bog-Jensen // Humle


DDH Double IPA brewed with Gamma Brewing.

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Patrons Project 7.06 Esben Bog-Jensen // Humle. We’ve admired the beers from Copenhagen based Gamma Brewing for a while. They’ve quietly gone about raising the bar in their home country so it was great to welcome them to Holbeck too put together this big double IPA.

This beer is also our first time brewing with the US hop variety Idaho 7; a fairly new kid on the block with a growing reputation for its contribution to the IPA style. We’d heard that it practically drips with tropical and stone fruit flavour, backed up by plenty of pine, so we were excited to see what it would present when backed up with the trusted combination of Citra and Mosaic.

The grist is packed with malted and flaked oats for a robust mouthfeel, plus some carapils to bring some unfermentable dextrins to the wort. We whirlpool hopped with Mosaic as it contributes more of a dank character alongside soft berry notes before fermenting with our IPA yeast of choice. Then a substantial 30g/l dry hop, led by Idaho 7, as 50% of the hop bill. Expect a resinous IPA packed with ripe mango, zesty citrus and a countering spike of dank pine.

Patrons Project 7.06 Esben Bog-Jensen // Humle.

Vegan friendly.

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