Alchemik is the passion project of drinker-turned-brewer James and his partner-in-brew Mira. Born and raised in Manchester, UK, James was introduced to the magical world of craft beer at the tender age of twelve.

But, see, this isn’t a story of an out-of-control pre-teen with a drinking problem. It’s much simpler than that – James’ dad launched his very own craft beer store and gave James his first Flying Dogs and Beavertowns (when they were still craft) which he duly drank at his dad’s expense while working shifts at The Beer Shop. Naturally, this early exposure to eclectic styles and flavours armed James with a critical beer palette of his own, which he further honed during his study-abroad days in Belgium. Later, Mira’s studies and boring job in finance took him on a classic beer journey from London to Germany, which made James realise one thing – he craved exciting, bombastic and eccentric beer!

Our story doesn’t end here, though! Mira and James then moved to their current home of Bulgaria. The pandemic hit. Some people began baking banana bread. Others, like our boy James, ordered an Australian homebrewing machine, sat on his deriere and thought up some wacky beer recipes of his own. After a few sticky explosions on Mira’s newly decorated walls, James finaly felt deep down that he was ready. Ready to share his beer with the world!

Since Alchemik’s humble start in the summer of 2021, we now have a growing range of unique beers made with ourselves and you in mind! We invest time and effort in sourcing the best ingredients that suppliers in Europe and beyond can provide, and spare no expense in creating premium products for our premium drinkers. Join us on this journey – here’s to more exciting beers shared among friends and loved ones!

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