Ammerndorf. The family-run private brewery Ammerndorfer Bier This is where we are at home – in the Franconian market town of Ammerndorf with around 2,100 inhabitants, located in the heart of the Bibertgrund. Ammerndorf was chosen as the most beautiful village in the competition “Our village should become more beautiful – our village has a future”. The market won the gold medal in the federal decision. The handcrafted family business is located in the center of this beautiful village, right on the market square. The entrepreneurial family has strong roots in their homeland. Both the procurement of local raw materials from Franconian regional cultivation and the sales area are clearly dominated by local or regional ties. As a small private brewery, every single employee contributes to the success of the company. Customer proximity, quality and friendliness are the cornerstones of the brewery. In this way, we work together as a team to ensure your satisfaction.
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