Bierstekers started as a side project of our restaurant In’t Nieuw Museum in Bruges, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon when we (inspired by a book about Gueuze blenders) decided to get started with some lost bottles and leftovers of beer.
Filled measuring cups, filled some bottles with a lot of spillage, put a cork on it and hope for something tasty. The result was there a few weeks later and it was actually not too bad. Our interest was there!

Later that year we sold the Zure Pater and Roste Patrick for the first time in our restaurant. A great moment! Over the years we made a batch of Zure Pater every now and then, but due to a lack of time we had to put the other plans aside for a while …

Until the damned year 2020 arrived, all kinds of measures and lockdowns did their job and eventually gave us the time to implement our hobby project. Today 1 year later we can be proud of our track with 18 unique blends.

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