Blaugies is a small, traditional and family brewery. All the beers that are brewed in our buildings are not filtered and are fermented one more time in the bottle adding yeast. The adventure began with Pierre-Alex CARLIER and Marie-Noelle POURTOIS, the parents. The first mash was made on 24th March 1988. Kevin CARLIER, the eldest son, got a degree in biotechnology. He is now at the head of the brewery with Berangere DESCHAMPS, his wife, and Claude DESCHAMPS, his father-in-law. Cedric CARLIER, the youngest son, and Stephanie JUSTE, his wife, run the restaurant called ‘Le Fourquet’ which is situated just in front of the brewery. No doubt that Manon and Ninon, Kevin and Berangere’s daughters, and Ethan and Mathys, Cedric and Stephanie’s sons, will take over the brewery and the restaurant from their parents.

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