Frederiksdal becoming a winery happened almost by accident. Estate owner Harald Krabbe had 24 hectares of Stevnsbær cherries, which were sold to the juice industry.
One day Harald received a visit from chef Jan Friis-Mikkelsen and journalist Morten Brink Iwersen, who had heard of the excellent cherries of the region – and who had vast knowledge of wine production. This was to become a crucial meeting. The three men made a decision. In the future, the excellent cherries were to be refined at Frederiksdal. Harald Krabbe set out to learn more about wine production by visiting some of the very best winemakers in Europe. Together, the three men have developed new methods for production of cherry wine, which many wine reviewers have hailed as a breakthrough for Danish wine production. And today there is a total of 44 hectares of Stevnsbær cherries at Frederiksdal.

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