Kloster Scheyern

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It gives only a few cloister breweries, just to say a good dozen, who rightfully so should be called. Of these, seven were still led and led by the monasteries. We are proud of it, ready to offer 1119 specialties of the Kloster Brewery! Together with our Braumeister, we present our beer specials.

For one, these are traditional beers, roasted with full-flavor aromas. For others, you can also get a taste of the craft beer, which can also be awarded by new hop exercises such as Mandarina Bavaria or Polaris.

Our monastery beers are not sterilized and ultra high heat, but come with the best quality and short paths fresh to the customers. This beer can acquire the beer immediately after the filling, which is the minimum durability even for three to four months.

Kloster Scheyern.

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