Nikl Brau

Nikl Brau. There are around 200 breweries around us in Upper Franconia, all of which produce delicious barley juice. But it is thanks to Mike Schmitt’s dream of producing his own beer that the unique Nikl Brau exists.

For the first time in centuries, beer is brewed in Pretzfeld with it, because Ebermannstadt’s “beer war” against the Pretzfelder, which lasted over 400 years, was triggered by a decree issued by Emperor Maximilian in 1510, according to which action must be taken against anyone who serves unauthorized beer in the area Since then, the brewing trade has been practiced in the village. An old cowshed was converted into an inn with a lot of sweat and dedication. Behind the glass and clearly visible from the guest room are the kettles in the brewhouse, in which master brewer Mike Schmitt has been brewing his beer with much love and passion since 2008 Nourished by the courage, commitment and inventiveness of the master brewer, Nikl-Bräu has nurtured and enriched the Franconian beer and lifestyle culture ever since.

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