No one knows why it was called a Parrotdog; but a Parrotdog has always been what it is. Beginning at the beginning; there were two characters named Matt who were just really into nice beer. After a spell of sampling various craft beer styles together one Wellington summer, the duo became inspired to try and make beer that tasted good; like the ones they were drinking.

So it goes; they got to homebrewing out of the basement of their dingy Aro Valley flat and it was surprising – they could produce a fairly drinkable beverage. On a student budget, and after joining forces to share costs, they started developing what would become the first commercial Parrotdog beer recipe – an India Pale Ale. Adding another man named Matt to the mix, a contract brew went down in Taranaki and long story short; the report was not good, too bitter – they were told to dump it. Legend to the contrary, Bitterbitch turned out to be a hit.

From smuggling flagons into local beer events, to delivering kegs in between classes – Parrotdog was going well when the charm of reality hit – they needed more space to brew more beer. The commitment was made and out of a huge empty space the brewery was born in the heart of Wellington city. Things are ticking along nicely. From mere beverage to craft quality – at the end of the day, it’s all very well and good.

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