Starting 125 years ago, brewery De Brabandere, brewer of Petrus, looks back on a rich history and looks to the future with equal confidence. Our rich assortment of beers is enjoyed by connoisseurs far beyond our borders. Brewing has always been an art at brewery De Brabandere. The brewery swears by its traditional brewing processes but is also constantly on the lookout for innovations to develop better beers and new flavours. We are not nostalgic people, stuck in the past, but progressive master brewers who want to maintain our excellent reputation among beer connoisseurs and beer lovers. These innovations have resulted in an unprecedented pallet of taste experiences. “Life has more to offer than just beer, but beer makes things even more enjoyable” – STEPHEN MORRIS The reason our fantastic beers have been awarded many times is thanks to our motto: never compromise on taste. Cheers! The De Brabandere team

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