Rudgate Brewery. We are an independant traditional brewer using traditional methods. Our water is the main reason for our location where the Yorshire mains water needs very little adjustment in the burtonisation process to becomes our brewing liquor. We use the finest malted barley. Pearl is our main base grist and then our brews include other malts such as Wheat, Lager, Crystal, Chocolate, Caramalt, Roasted barley and brown malts. Our hops are sourced from around the globe. Main countries are England, America, New Zealand, Slovenia and Germany. Our yeast is our secret! Originally sourced from Cannon brewery Sheffield, the Stones ale yeast works extremely well for us and with our beers.

Established in 1992 the brewery is situated at the heart of Yorkshire in the vale of York. 6 regular beers are produced and 3 specials each month.

Our 30 barrel brew plant is capable of producing 180 barrels per week using 6 open fermenters. The full infusion mash system uses only whole malted barleys. As well as 6 regular beers, 3 seasonal ales are brewed every month based on a Viking theme, using closely guarded recipes.

The brewer’s choice range makes up the other two seasonals – generally paler beers using hops rather than malts for flavour and character.

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