Top Rope

What would become Top Rope Brewing began way back in January 2015, when Ben and Neil met at Brewdog Liverpool’s homebrew club. Bonding over a shared interest in beer and pro wrestling, they eventually got around to discussing beer recipes, swapped tips and finally started homebrewing together a year later. Using the available communal hub of Ben’s parent’s kitchen (also taking advantage of seemingly unlimited free coffee, as well as the odd hot meal), beers were brewed, recipes experimented with and an effective working partnership was developed. The push to commercial brewing came a few months later, in May 2016 Ben discovered that his place of work was due to close; Neil was desperate to escape the 9 to 5 world of office work and so tentative plans were made. Those plans accelerated in early June when they won 3 out of 5 categories in the Liverpool Brewdog homebrew competition. We were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to purchase a brewery in North Wales which was sadly closing. After a number of positive meetings (the brewery was family owned, so it passing to us, essentially a family company, was a great fit) and a long and through legal process, we took ownership of a (fairly) brand new, shiny 5bbl brewhouse on 1st February 2018.

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