We’ve been brewing in New Mills since 2015, based at the Marina and opposite the famous Swizzels factory.

Our name comes from the other major landmark of the town, the Torrs – a park set in the 70-foot-deep gorge cut by the Rivers Goyt & Sett, that the town stands above and around, where many of the town’s mills used to stand.

Torrside is a democratic set-up between 3  long-practicing homebrewers,  Chris, Nick, and Peter  –  with a lot of support from our long-suffering partners.   We’d each been brewing for several years, excited by the sheer range of beer from the new UK brewers, US imports and even more from Europe – and it felt time to do something with all that beer obsession.

The brewery is just us:  for a long time we ran everything at weekends and evenings (though thankfully Chris is now full-time)!  Everything we can do for ourselves, we do:  recipe design, the brewing, packaging and bottling, the branding and design, even this website!  And we’re lucky to have a superb and distinctive artist in the family, too, providing our unique label & pumpclip art.

That’s the mindset that got us doing this:  we want to make the beer that interests us, and we trust that will be enough for other beer drinkers to appreciate what we do.   So our range reflects our love of smoked beers, imperial monsters, and well-balanced hop-bombs.  And of interesting flavour experiments and style transgressions!

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