Townsend Farm

Townsend Farm is a family farm in Herefordshire.

We grow a variety of dessert and cider apples. In 2017 we experimented with making juice ourselves to produce single varietal juice rather than a blended product. This enabled us to control the process in order to produce a great quality and flavoursome juice from different apples, such as Jonagold, Falstaff, Discovery and Greensleeves.

We started by selling to a few shops that have supported us through the process and continue to do so as we look towards increasing production each harvest. This has given us a whole new perspective on the farm. We can now taste and see each vintage in single bottles, with all of the apples picked and juiced while still fresh. The apples that we use never enter the cold storage chain.

We are learning how the seasons influence flavours and what differences our interactions with the orchards make. By controlling the circle of the process, through growing, harvesting and juicing, we are rewarded with the true benefit of a quality product.

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