Biere de Garde

A traditional classification for the farmhouse ales of France and their sometimes-untraditional new-world counterparts. Biere de Garde is today generally a warm fermented strong pale ale – sometimes blonde, sometimes amber, and has much in common with Belgium ales. Medium bodied with hints of caramel or toffee. Cellared smell and flavor are characteristics. The name means “beer for keeping”.

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  • Brew Cavern Mixed Packs Beer Advent Calendar Nottingham

    Brew Cavern Beer Advent Calendar

    • Brew Cavern - Mixed Packs
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    • UK
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  • Siren Craft Brew Dios De La Guerra Biere de Mars Berkshire

    Dios De La Guerra

    • Siren Craft Brew
    • Biere de Garde
    • UK
    • 8.5
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