Alligator Tugboat


Simcoe IPA.

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Alligator Tugboat. Simcoe is a hop that you either love or hate. It has a distinct earthy dankness that counterpoints the fruity aromas. Like an overripe fruit, or, and bear with us here, a musty locker room. Don’t let that put you off! It’s worth acclimatising the palate to Simcoe. This beer is a good showcase for it, west coast style bitterness keeps it from cloying and delivers the hoppy goodness with balance.

The label for this beer is designed by legendary street artist Sweet Toof. His signature style is hard to miss as you walk along the canals in East London. He’s also vandalised the front of The Experiment, our collaborative bar with Verdant.

Alligator Tugboat.

Vegan friendly.

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