Blackberry and Nettle Sour 2018


Blackberry & Nettle Sour.

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Blackberry and Nettle Sour 2018. Back in 2016 we brewed one of our first very sour beers – a result of ageing a un-hopped wort in oak, producing a high level of acidity. Nettles were added during the initial boil to act in place of the hops to impart an earthy character to the beer. Blackberries were added directly to the barrels a few months before bottling to give the beer a fruit forward finish and balance the sweetness with a touch of tart. This became a favourite of ours, and, with the abundance of blackberried growing wild in Suffolk this autumn, we had to do it again. This edition has even more Blackberries, with the result being quite jammy and mouth puckeringly sharp. Vegan friendly.

Blackberry and Nettle Sour 2018.

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