Double Double Flip


Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.

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Double Double Flip.

Autumn 2023 Vintage. We were on a quest to make a new phenomenal beer utilizing several rounds of barrel-aging, but we couldn’t settle on the name. Triple Double Oak? Triple Flip Oaked? Triple Drink? Triple Double? Double Check? Orville Mash? A call to our VERY good friend Buzz Clutterbuck sealed the deal: Double-Double Flip. With a metaphorical skid of barrel-forward flavor, it erupts with a profile that’s like taking a flavor whip to your lip, do you catch me? This stout is ready to get buck wild, guaranteed. It is factual. So pull up a chair just there catty-corner to those you love, and bring a parcel of Flip to your next buffet. You’re going to enjoy it, end of paragraph.


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