F.C. Helles


Gluten Free Lager.

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First Chop F.C. Helles. It took a pretty long time for First Chop to produce a lager, six years in fact. There was a very good reason, when we did produce a lager we wanted to do it right. This year we are launching – slowly – our Helles and our Pilsner – imaginatively named FC HELLES and FC PILSNER. They are both classic examples of each style – nothing too clever – weve taken the very best malt, hops and yeast and brewed it the proper way, bottom fermented with a long maturation. This has produced two very clean, well balanced easy to drink lagers that we are very proud of. And we think they are well worth the six year wait!! Oh and they are both gluten free to boot!

First Chop F.C. Helles.

Gluten Free. Vegan friendly.

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