Full Frontaal


Coffee Barley Wine.

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Full Frontaal. We met the guys from Frontaal in somewhat questionable circumstances. And pretty much every encounter since then we can’t talk about without a bit of censorship. It is always pretty full on, so the product of our getting together over a mash tun and kettle had to be just as intense. And you can’t get much more full on than a big Barley Wine, with loads of spicy, fruity UK hops and lashings of coffee.

Aroma is like a steaming latte, set in front of you. Brewed expertly with Hasbean Limoncello Ethiosar Natural coffee beans adding to the thick body and chewiness of the beer style. The cinder toffee notes of the coffee mingle with a walnuttiness and the digestive biscuit flavour of the grain bill. A deliciously bold beer, that’ll stand out stark for its syle. Hold fast and don’t avert your eyes.

Full Frontaal.

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