Mooser Liesl Helles



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Mooser Liesl Helles.

Go Liesl, bring me some good Hells! 

That’s what it once said when beer was still served from a jug in our castle restaurant. Many guests came just because of the good beer that was available here.

But quite a few also because of the dashing Liesl. So it was no wonder that both the Liesl and the brewery with its beer soon became known far beyond the borders of Moos and the Liesl became the brewery’s trademark for many years.

This original Helle is now available again and the good Mooser Liesl as an original brand too. Today as then, brewed to perfection with special types of malt and natural hops, this Bavarian Helle makes enjoying beer an incomparable taste experience.

Mooser Liesl Helles.


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