Patrons Project 14.03 Solitude & Savagery



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Patrons Project 14.03 Solitude & Savagery. For this patrons project, we’re once again exploring the world of black IPAs. In a bid to test the boundaries of this style, this particular one is exploring the depth of flavour that can be achieved in the beer through the use of a multigrain base layer. The flavour is led by the earthy spice from the malted rye, whilst being backed up with the silky, nutty contribution of the oats.

The dark colour essential to black IPAs has come from Carafa Spezial III and Sinamar. Taking what we learned from our last patrons project with Ricky Lightfoot and Moor, Watching Crag, we wanted to minimise the dark roast flavour and make a black IPA which is as soft and juicy as possible.

The first hops went in at the whirlpool stage. We chose a favourite of ours in the form of Mosaic alongside Zythos, an unsung US hop which brings ripe pineapple and zingy grapefruit flavours. For the dry hop we used a double addition of the same two varieties but backed up by Amarillo for classic juicy mandarin notes.

Patrons Project 14.03 Solitude & Savagery.

Vegan friendly.

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