Patrons Project 9.05 Eyeclops


DDH IPA brewed with Civil Society & Slim Pickens.

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Patrons Project 9.05 Eyeclops: One of the highlights of our first MBCC experience this year was meeting the great people behind some of the world’s best breweries (and cideries!) and sampling what they had to offer. A few people in particular that we got talking with inspired some new and exciting collaboration ideas, and this is one of them. On this occasion we have been lucky enough to welcome not just one, but two of these breweries to Leeds to brew with. First up we have Civil Society, a Florida based brewery who have perfected the art of bringing a little bit of Florida sunshine to all their beers! We have also managed to snag our second collaboration with Slim Pickens, the maker of cider and mead that tastes like the best juice you ever drank. We decided to brew a double dry hopped New England style IPA with them and we invited our guests to pick their favourite hops of the moment to headline the beer. Karl from Civil Society and Todd from Slim Pickens came up with the classy trio of Citra, Hallertau Blanc and Lemon Drop giving this IPA a sublime balance of citrus zest, grape juice and ripe tropical fruit over a super smooth oat-heavy base.

Patrons Project 9.05 Eyeclops.

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