Rooting Around Winter


Rock Samphire + Douglas Fir + Sauternes Casks.

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Rooting Around Winter. Rooting Around is a seasonal beer series for 2017 embracing our local terroir. Brewed for each season with foraged ingredients available to us at the time. Tying together seasonality and foraging is something we can really get behind at the Wild Beer co. Winter marries the best of our local surrounds with a desire to do something different. The result is a fitting finale to the rooting Around series and a perfect addition to the long dark nights of winter. Expect a warmth and earthiness from this wile ale, with plum and raisin notes from an aromatic malt bill whilst red rye delivers a crimson hue and nutty overtone. Top with a creamy smooth mouth fell and your have a triumphant climax to the series.

Vegan friendly.

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