Spon Rye 2021


Four-year-old barrel-aged spontaneous beer brewed with raw rye.

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Spon Rye 2021.

The idea behind SPON Rye is a simple one that originated about three years ago, replacing the raw wheat in the grist with raw rye. We brewed with 60% malted barley and 40% raw rye. Otherwise, we kept our recipe and process the same with well water, aged hops, coolship, and spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels.

Jester King SPON Rye spent four years in oak barrels slowly maturing and developing complexity. The result is a subtle variation on Jester King SPON, but an interesting one nonetheless, as the malt character is distinctly different from its raw wheat counterpart side to side.

Spon Rye 2021.


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