Double IPA.

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Eleven is a beer that endeavors to encompass all of our knowledge and understanding of hoppy beer creation into a single experience to celebrate Eleven Years of Tree House!

It is crafted utilizing a new yeast blend that was created during the wildly important Data Set series that was introduced this Spring. This series enabled us to singularly understand various yeast strains we had not previously used and then experiment with them collectively and individually on a small scale to create something entirely new for Tree House and progressive in the world of hoppy beer. Pouring a marvelous opaque yellow color into your glass, it puts forth incredibly juicy notes of mixed tropical fruit and citrus. It carries a stunning softness considering the level of hop saturation it contains. We are now Eleven years old – Twelve if you count our pre-licensed days – and we have never been more enthralled by the magic of beer creation. Thank you for supporting our journey along the way.

Canned 20/11/23


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